International Flow Technologies, Inc. (IFT) has over 40+ years of experience in Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, and Valve Inserting and has had a crucial role in the development of the Insert Valve. IFT worked alongside design engineers to help create a resilient seated insertion valve, of simple design, that meets and/or exceeds the AWWA C515 specification. The valve can be easily installed onto pipeline systems, without a shutdown, and is capable of handling working pressures up to +250psi. This valve changes the course of insertion valve technology.


By stocking a single 4”, 6”, 8” 10" & 12"valve body you have a unique valve that will insert into Steel, PVC, C-900, Cast-iron, Ductile-iron and A/C by utilizing interchangeable side glands that mate the valve body to the pipeline. By contacting our plant these standard bodies can be opened up to fit larger O.D.’s such as class 200 A/C pipe. For the 10” and larger valves, standard bodies will fit steel, PVC, C-900, Cast-iron, and Ductile-iron. Oversize valve bodies will soon be available for A/C and larger O.D. pipelines. The patent pending butterfly versions for 12” and larger are just around the corner and are sure to leave our competitors leaking valves with envy.

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We have completed many projects around the world on water, natural gas, sewage, petroleum and chemical products. IFT has a broad background in handling all types of piping problems, and has a full engineering department to produce the solutions for your pipeline needs. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to assisting you in the future.

CEO Jeff Maichel