Insta-Valve Plus Valve Installation

Hydra-Stop’s Insta-Valve Plus installation provides a means to install a permanent valve into a water main without interrupting flow through the pipe and without reducing line pressure (up to 150 psi). The insertion of an Insta-Valve Plus installation is accomplished by using tried and true tapping techniques (under full line pressure) with no reaming or excessive pipe strength loss. The Insta-Valve Plus valve installtion permanently remains in the water distribution piping to allow system repair in the same manner as any gate valve which would have been originally installed with the water main.

The award-winning Insta-Valve Plus valve installation, from Hydra-Stop®, is a resilient seat valve that uses bullet stopper technology to stop flow in all types of pipe, and can be installed under pressure, up to 150 psi. The Insta-Valve Plus valve installation exceeds industry standards and provides a safer, more economical way of inserting valves in your system. The Insta-Valve Plus is easy to use and even easier to install. They install in half the time, without service disruption, providing immediate system control with only one cut.

The Insta-Valve Plus design includes the industry standard bronze stem collar and a heavy duty valve stem for the strongest of valve operators. Insta-Valve Plus stops flow in all types of pipe, 4” to 16”; including potable water mains, wastewater force and gravity mains, and industrial applications. It can be installed using existing Hydra-Stop equipment or as a stand alone system.

The sealing surfaces of the Insta-Valve Plus consist of a compression molded contour seal joined to the radial axis sealing area that optimizes the seal on both the pipe and the location where the coupon is removed.

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Insta-Valve Plus 
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Insta-Valve Plus can be installed using existing Hydra-Stop equipment or as a stand-alone system. The high quality Insta-Valve Plus meets or exceeds industry standards for years of trouble-free service.
Insta-Valve Plus

Insta-Valve Plus Insertable Valves
Part Numbers           Size
IV A 04.00            4in / 100mm
IV A 06.00            6in / 150mm
IV A 08.00            8in / 200mm
IV A 10.00          10in / 250mm
IV A 12.00          12in / 300mm
IV A 14.00          14in / 350mm
IV A 16.00          16in / 400mm
All sizes are approximate.
Custom sizes available on request.

Insta-Valve Plus Installation Provides:
• Constant flow
• Peace of mind
• System control
• Immediate results
• Value added options
• Clean drinking water
• Safe working conditions
• A water conservation measure
• Employee efficiency, reducing employee overtime

Insta-Valve Plus Installation Eliminates:
• Boil orders
• Complicated planning
• Loss of fire protection
• Large street excavations and street patches
• Working in unsafe trenching and knee-high mud
• Reaming the pipe wall or completely severing the pipe
• Not having isolation zones in the event of contamination

The Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve Plus includes:
1. Standard valve nut
2. Valve body made of 304 stainless steel
3. Valve gate made of EPDM rubber
4. Valve stem made to AWWA C-500-93
     Section 3.12 specifications
5. ANSI A-105, 150 lbs. rated flange
6. Available in:
Weld On - Nozzle or Split Tee
Clamp On - Standard or Extra Heavy

Insta-Valve Plus is now available with a weld-on nozzle and full encirclement in sizes 4” thru 16” and can be used on:
• Steel
• Cast iron
• Ductile iron
• Asbestos cement
• PE
Custom sizes available on request.

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Frequently Asked Question’s



1. What is Insta-Valve® Plus?
Insta-Valve Plus is a resilient seat wedge valve that uses bullet stopper technology to stop flow; allowing you to add control points, and isolation zones to your system.
2. How does Insta-Valve Plus seal?
Insta-Valve Plus features a new contour seal design that optimizes sealing characteristics; providing the best performance and reliability of any valve insertion technology available today.
3. Is the Insta-Valve Plus installed easily?
Yes, Insta-Valve Plus can be installed in as little as one hour. Simply mount the Insta-Valve Plus fitting, make a simple tap with your Hydra-Tapper™, and install your Insta-Valve Plus valve cartridge.
4. How many excavations are required to install the Insta-Valve Plus valve?
Only one small excavation is required to install the Insta-Valve Plus valve. The minimum excavation size is 3’ x 3’.
5. Does it take a lot of hand tools to install the Insta-Valve Plus valve?
No, the only hand tools needed to install the Insta-Valve Plus are two open end wrenches and one Allen wrench.
6. Can the Insta-Valve Plus be installed off center?
Yes, Insta-Valve Plus can be installed in any position on the pipe.
7. Can the Insta-Valve Plus cartridge be replaced?
Yes, by reversing the installation process you can simply install a new Insta-Valve Plus valve cartridge if needed.
8. Is Insta-Valve Plus a permanent valve? Yes, Insta-Valve Plus is a permanent valve and has been designed to provide years of trouble free operation.
9. How many turns does it take to open or close the Insta-Valve Plus?
• 4” - 12
• 6” - 18
• 8” - 24
• 10” - 30
• 12” - 36
• 16” - 48
10. Does the Insta-Valve Plus valve installation work on all common types of pipe?
Yes, Insta-Valve Plus valve installation can be installed on all types of common pipes.
11. Can the Insta-Valve Plus be customized for a specific application?
Yes, since the Insta-Valve Plus is fabricated epoxy coated carbon steel, or stainless steel, Insta-Valve Plus can be customized to fit almost any size or type of pipe.
12. Does the Insta-Valve Plus meet AWWA standards?
The Insta-Valve does not meet the AWWA C-509 and C-515 standards for insertion valves or resilient-seated gate valve.
13. What if my application requires me to use a valve that needs to meet AWWA C-509 or C-515 standards?
If your application requires you to use a valve that meets AWWA C-509 or AWWA C-515 you can use a line stop to cut-in the AWWA approved valve of your choice or install an Insert Valve.
14. Does Hydra-Stop® guarantee 100% shutdown?
No, Hydra-Stop® does not guarantee 100% shutdown. The advanced technology of the Insta-Valve Plus valve cartridge is designed to achieve 100% shutdown, but conditions inside the pipe may affect performance up to 5%.
15. In which sizes is the Insta-Valve Plus valve installation available?
Currently, the Insta-Valve Plus valve installation is available in sizes 4”-12” & 16”. Additional sizes will be available in the future.
16. Can my Insta-Valve Plus equipment only be used for valve insertion?
Insta-Valve Plus equipment is completely modular and expandable. Adding to your existing Insta- Valve Plus equipment with Hydra-Stop Expansion Kits will give you the option of side tapping, line stopping, or both.
17. Is Insta-Valve Plus a new product?
No, Insta Valve Plus is currently in its third generation of evolution. Years of successful installation have enabled Hydra-Stop to perfect Insta-Valve Plus and its installation process.
18. What pressure is Insta-Valve Plus rated to?
Insta Valve Plus is rated to 150psi.

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